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Museum Island – subproject Bode-Museum


Opened in 1904, the Bode-Museum is situated at the northern tip of the Museum Island in downtown Berlin. Its façade is situated directly along the waterfront of the Spree river, making it appear like a moated castle.

Lighting design concept:
Allowing an unaltered perception of the different shades of the stone façade also at night time, the illumination
of the museum is done in neutral white, with an excellent colour rendering quality. Resembling moonlight, the lighting appears as natural as possible. Details like the statues or the two cupolas are highlighted with a warmer colour of light.
For a coherent overall impression, it is essential to have the geometry of beam angles match the architecture. Thus, the fields of light cover the complete façade, ranging from the balustrade down to the upper edge of the plinths.


Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin/Germany


Büro Prof. Heinz Tesar ABT, Vienna/Austria
Levin Monsigny Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin/Germany

Team Conceptlicht

Helmut Angerer, Eva Lechermann, Martin Möller, Jan Nielsen, Lars Nielsen, Annette Roller, Rainer Teifel, Andrea Watzl


Marcus Bredt