Launching in April 20 1 3

Jordan Pharmacy – Central Office


The “Jordan-Apotheke“ in Erlangen, Germany, is a bright and spacious pharmacy distinguished by clear structures and a dynamic furniture arrangement. Supporting this expressive architecture, also the lighting design is very clear and sensible, aiming at an unimpeded experience of space.

The functional luminaires are unobtrusive in their appearance, drawing attention to their effect of light instead of their fixture design. The luminaires for basic lighting are either integrated in pendant luminaires tracing the shape of the furniture or are mounted at the sides of the suspended ceiling, keeping it as clean of luminaires as possible. The lateral luminaires for accentuating the walls are set back, without causing undesired light spots at the ceiling. This way, a large part of luminaires disappears from view.

Being freed from visual burdens, the ceiling appears even stronger and clearer. Against this background, the best conditions are given for a track of light leading through the pharmacy. As the façade is extensively glassed, the entrance area is emphasized by square backlit light tiles, glowing diffusively and facilitating orientation. They are concentrated in the entrance area and disperse towards the dispensary. The LED-backlit light tiles correspond in their colour to the likewise LED-backlit counters.

This way, the pharmacy appears with a consistent spatial impact, allowing a change of ambiance, for instance with a cool Blue in summertime, a warm Red in winter, or a dynamic play of colours throughout the day.


Jordan Hammad, Erlangen/Germany


Glahn Architekten, Berlin/Germany

Team Conceptlicht

Helmut Angerer, Martin Möller, Jan Nielsen


N. Kazakov