Team CLIG 17. November 2022

We have a common goal GOOD LIGHT

For us, teamwork is not just a concept or a matter of course in today's working world. A team comes together and pursues a common goal. Our team consists of long-time employees who have formed a successful, well-rehearsed working group over the years. Every single member is important for the group. Everyone contributes their individual part to the whole.
Nevertheless, we ALL pursue a single goal. GOOD LIGHT!


Helmut Angerer

"Making light is like sparking a fire around which the shadows dance."

Company founder and managing director
Helmut Angerer has been occupying himself with the subject of light since 1977
1990 Founding of CONCEPTLICHT


Jan Nielsen

“Lights are active design elements that can completely change a room through their light control. Creating changeable spaces through light, creating emotions and moods, that fascinates me.”

Project manager and development
With CONCEPTLICHT since 2003


Eva Lechermann-Wollscheid

"I feel elated at the end of a project, after all the persuasion and effort, to experience the lighting effect we aimed for and the satisfaction of the client."

Project manager
With CONCEPTLICHT since 2009


Annette Roller

"Light is my lifeblood. Bright spaces, correctly metered out depending on the situation, playing with shadows, without disturbing stimuli. To be involved in the execution, to respond to the respective architecture and to put it in the right light, that's a nice challenge."

Lighting designer
With CONCEPTLICHT since 2000


Tanja Erk

"Going to work every day with joy, working out individual lighting solutions for exciting projects in a collegial team, that's what moves me - that's quality of life."

Lighting designer
With CONCEPTLICHT since 1999

We look back on our successes with pleasure, grow with the challenges and look to the future with passion!


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